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PayPack HRM Software – Overview

PayPack HRM software offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline human resource management. Each main menu is tailored to address specific aspects of HR, ensuring efficient and effective management of employee-related tasks and organizational operations. Below is an overview of each main menu:


The HR menu is the core of PayPack HRM, focusing on all aspects of human resource management. It includes:

  • Employee List: Manage all employee records with detailed information on each employee.
  • Employee Birthday List: Track and manage employee birthdays.
  • Employee Weekend List: Define and manage weekends for employees.
  • Probation List: Monitor employees on probation.
  • Employee Contact Report: Generate reports on employee contact information.
  • Employee Address Report: Generate reports on employee addresses.
  • Sent SMS List: View a list of all SMS communications sent to employees.
  • Employee Image List: Manage employee profile images.
  • Employee Award List: Track and manage awards given to employees.
  • Promotion List: Monitor and manage employee promotions.
  • Announcement List: Create and manage organizational announcements.
  • Resignation List: Track employee resignations.
  • Document List: Manage important employee-related documents.
  • Award Title List: Define and manage different award titles.
  • Location Tracking List: Monitor and manage employee locations.


The Payroll menu provides tools to manage and streamline payroll processes. It includes:

  • Salary Component List: Define various components of employee salaries.
  • Earning & Deduction List: Manage earning and deduction elements for payroll.
  • Salary Breakdown: View detailed breakdowns of employee salaries.
  • Salary Process List: Track and manage the salary processing workflow.
  • Employee Bank Account List: Manage bank account details for employees.
  • Salary Structure List: Define salary structures for different roles and levels.
  • Salary Period List: Set and manage salary periods.
  • Salary Dashboard: Get an overview of the payroll status and key metrics.
  • Tax Settings: Configure tax settings for salary processing.
  • Monthly Tax List: Track monthly tax deductions.
  • Bonus Process List: Manage and process employee bonuses.
  • Bonus Process Settings: Configure settings for bonus processing.
  • Overtime Report: Generate reports on employee overtime.


The Attendance menu offers comprehensive tools to manage and monitor employee attendance. It includes:

  • Attendance Device List: Manage devices used for attendance tracking.
  • Check in / Check out List: Monitor employee check-in and check-out times.
  • Daily Attendance List: View daily attendance records.
  • Business Calendar: Define and manage business calendars.
  • Monthly Attendance: Monitor and manage monthly attendance records.
  • Off Day List: Define and manage off days for employees.
  • Employee Job Card List: Track job card entries for employees.
  • Attendance Pull List: Retrieve attendance data from devices.
  • Roster Duty: Manage and assign duty rosters for employees.


The Leave menu provides tools to manage employee leave requests and balances. It includes:

  • Leave Type List: Define various types of leave available to employees.
  • Leave Application List: Manage and track leave applications.
  • Leave Approver List: Define leave approvers for different departments.
  • Leave Balance List: Monitor leave balances for all employees.
  • Leave Block List: Manage leave blocks for specific periods.


The Assets menu helps in managing organizational assets efficiently. It includes:

  • Asset Category List: Categorize assets based on type, function, or department.
  • Asset Location List: Manage locations where assets are stored or used.
  • Asset List: Track and manage all organizational assets.
  • Asset Inventory: Monitor and manage asset inventory levels.
  • Asset User List: Assign and track asset users within the organization.


The Settings menu allows for customization and configuration of the HRM software to meet specific organizational needs. It includes:

  • Company List: Manage company details within the organization.
  • Branch List: Define and manage organizational branches.
  • Year List: Set and manage fiscal or calendar years.
  • Department List: Manage various departments within the organization.
  • Designation List: Define job designations.
  • Shift List: Manage employee shifts.
  • Month List: Define months for various organizational purposes.
  • Salutation List: Manage salutations used within the organization.
  • City List: Manage cities relevant to the organization.
  • Employment Types: Define different types of employment.
  • User Role List: Manage user roles and permissions.
  • User List: Manage user accounts.
  • Menu Setup: Configure the system’s menu options.
  • PDF Report Setup: Configure settings for generating PDF reports.
  • Crontab Schedule List: Manage scheduled tasks using Crontab.
  • Periodic Task List: Manage periodic tasks.
  • SMS Settings: Configure settings for SMS notifications.
  • Section List: Manage different sections within the organization.
  • Floor List: Define and manage floors in organizational buildings.

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